Skull Fucking: v. The act of holding the head steady, usually by ones hands, and forcefully fucking another's mouth.

I'm  Mr. Bones and welcome to Skull Fucking!  Skull Fucking is the hottest thing going right now!  There is nothing like watching somebody pound a sweet face with all their might.  They pound so hard and so deep they look like they are going to gag and throw up!  Many times the well hung studs plug their nose and cram their cock so deep into these sweet girls throats that they have to gasp for air!  It simply does NOT get any more hardcore than this.  No joke! This is so intense that it will change how you look at porn forever!  Take a look at the free sample below and you will see what I mean!


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I'll start you all off with the MOST intense skull fucking scenes I personally have ever seen. One woman gets crammed by three men.  They do intense hard deep throating where they pinch the nose so she can not breath with a huge cock down her throat and hold it there till she gags for air.  Then they do super fast super hard power thrusting into her face.  Truly intense!


This one is quite intense as well.  By the look of the mascara running she had quite a bit of tears as the cocks were crammed deep into her throat. Gagging for air will do that!


This nose plugging scene really gives it to her.  She will gag for air and pull her mouth off the cock.  But a split second later it is crammed back in there!


I have personally never seen somebody enjoy getting deep throated and skull fucked as much as this woman does.  No matter how much he tries to deep throat her, she keeps on pushing in deeper.


Not only does this woman get skull fucked, but she gets skull fucked with all sorts of toys!  They know damn well those won't fit in her mouth but that doesn't stop them from trying!


Deep throating but with two cocks.  How big can a mouth stretch?


This one takes place on a school bus.  Not much room to fuck but as you can see by the second picture above they make the best out of the room they have.  Never seen a skull fuck while standing on bus seats before!  Ends with a great skull fuck climax in her mouth!


Hot asian woman gets skull fucked by two men.  Hot!


This cute young asian learns all about sex by getting skull fucked and deep throated!  There is just something really hot about such a cute face getting fucked!


Another young cutie gettings skull fucked and deep throated.  She handles it well and would probably suck down the balls too if she had room in her mouth!


Now here is a hot goth skull fuck.  She is really pretty but gets skull fucked like crazy by three men.  Not only that, but she wants it bad! She always wants to drink all their cum and demands for more!

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